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The W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute Presents:

The Wealth Matters Series

Download the Wealth Matters Guide, complete with panelist biographies, video transcripts as well as related reading materials and resources. 
During the 2021 and 2022 Du Bois Online Summer Program, over 300 attendees, including students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff and supporters of the Institute, attended a series of online panel discussions surrounding the issues of wealth in Black and other marginalized communities. Videos of each Wealth Matters panel---moderated by Damon, Jones, Ph.D., series organizer and Chair of the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute's Board of Directors---are available to watch below. Stay tuned for future installments of the series! 

The Origins of Wealth: Panel Discussion I

This panel focused on the key determinants of wealth and wealth inequality, with a focus on racial wealth gaps and the Black-White wealth gap. The panelists gave a current accounting of wealth inequality, present-day and over-time, and discussed historical forces that have driven these gaps.

panelist 1b

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Private Wealth Building: Panel Discussion II

This panel focused on common strategies for building wealth, from financial experts. The panelists also discussed what it would take for private-wealth building to translate into broader benefits for the community at large.

panelist 2a

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The Role of Wealth Today and the Future: Panel Discussion III

This panel focused on the role that wealth plays in our society, and participants were invited to imagine what role wealth should play in the future, with an eye toward issues of justice.

panelist 3b

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The American Dream: Business Ownership, Homewownership, Wealth & Race: Panel Discussion IV

This panel focused on two pillars of the “American Dream,” business ownership and homeownership, with a focus on wealth inequality, especially across racial groups. Our panelists discussed how these pathways to wealth have played out historically in the black community, and their current-day role in determining wealth patterns.

panelist 4b

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