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Experience W.E.B Du Bois

Housed on the campus of Princeton University, the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute is an intensive academic and leadership program for high-achieving middle and high school students. Through academic rigor, collaborative learning, collective problem solving, and individual attention and support, we prepare students to be college, career, and community ready.  Our programs are geared towards intellectual acceleration, with an emphasis on the youngest and brightness minds as they will be the future problem solvers of our society.

For five weeks during the summer, students are immersed in a demanding and rigorous academic environment taking college-level course taught by university professors and doctoral students in our Summer Institute. Students also get to experience college life as residents on Princeton University's beautiful 500-acre campus. Monday through Thursday, students are in class, and on weekends, they indulge in interactive workshops, exciting field trips, free-time, and relaxation.

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Our new Accelerated Learning Academy (ALA) provides an opportunity for bright, forward-thinking 10th and 11th graders—students who will evolve into our next generation of engineers, software developers, mathematicians, architects and physicists—to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in new and exciting ways. Students in the ALA stay at the elegance and contemporary Princeton Hyatt Hotel under our caring and professional residential staff supervision. Through workshops and other activities, students experience learning, mentoring and interaction with world-class scientists both inside and outside of the classroom throughout the school year.

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