Parent Testimonials

What Parents say about the W.E.B Du Bois Scholars Institute

Soaring Confidence and A Vision for College

Jasmine’s self-confidence has soared and it is evident in her active participation in class and her ability to formulate and defend a position during debates with zeal and persuasion. Jasmine has an increased interest in current events (both nationally and globally) and is much more confident about expressing her thoughts, opinions and frustration regarding issues pertaining to racial and religious divides. She's noticeably more comfortable questioning the status quo and seeking a deeper understanding of answers/information that seem illogical. Living on the Princeton campus and going on college tours this summer has really piqued Jasmine’s interest in college. Consequently, we have continued taking college tours in and outside of the northeast region despite the fact that she's only a freshman and we plan to continue doing do throughout this school year!!
- Jasmine’s Mother (Leadership Academy)

An Amazing Experience

Zaria, is now a lot more confident socially because of the structure of the summer institute. It's amazing to see the transformation she's had because of her experience. Zaria’s experience over the years has helped in so many ways. From the social interaction with peers on her level academically and socially to the high standards set by the Institute. It had been amazing. It's unfortunate, and she expressed this herself, that she graduated and can't go back next summer. I think that speaks volumes about how she and we as her parents feel about Zaria’s experience at the Institute. I must say it has been truly a blessing that she had this opportunity the last three summers. It has truly helped to reinforce what we do as parents, but also it reinforced that Zaria can do and achieve anything academically.
- Zaria’s Father (Management & Business Academy)

Self-Aware and Confident

As one of the few African American’s in her school, I think one of the biggest impacts the program has had on Raquel is her self-worth and her value as an African American; and her need when the occasion arises to set herself and her views apart from those of her classmates on social and political issues. She is much more at ease doing that given the information she learned in the program.
- Raquel’s Mother (Talented Tenth Academy)

Socially Conscious and Reading More

Leah has been a lot more reflective about who she is, how she treats others and how others are treated. Just recently, she initiated and helped to facilitate a racial tolerance workshop for her middle school peers. She presented on topics, such as attending to culturally competent language, and behaviors among diverse student populations. She is working with the school's administration to implement ongoing talks throughout the school year. Leah has taken the feedback from her progress report and is trying to challenge herself to read more substantive literature. She has embraced the notion that she has the aptitude to be an emerging scholar if she puts forth time and effort. I am happy to see that she is enjoying the work of some of the black intellectuals she was introduced to in the program: [Zora Neale] Hurston, [Ntozake] Shange, etc.
- Leah’s Mother (Fellow’s Academy)

Mature, Motivated and Excelling in School

Brandon just received his first report card and his grades were mostly A’s and B's. He did earn an A+ in Physics, which he believes is due to the physics course he took at Dubois. He has also expressed a new appreciation for avoiding procrastination in his work. He’s much more mature than before since attending the Institute. Brandon has said that his attendance at the Engineering Academy definitely solidified his interest in entering the engineering field.
- Brandon’s Mother (Engineering Academy)

Building Confidence and Social Skills

Sasha is becoming a bit more open in voicing her opinion, both at home and at school. Before, I was worried that she was just slightly too 'agreeable' and willing to please. My daughter is kind and big hearted and I don't want to see people take advantage of these beautiful traits. Recently, I have noticed that Sasha is becoming more confident in her communication and in connecting with friends and acquaintances. She is also a bit more comfortable disagreeing in a group situation. This, I believe, shows a greater social independence.
- Sasha's Mother (Fellows Academy Rising 9th grade)

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