Student Testimonials

testimonial video

Closing Ceremony Speeches 2016

Watch as three of our students, Aidan Dent (Fellow Academy Pre-Scholar), Tiffannie Coy (Leadership Academy Scholar), and Cameron Todd (Talented Tenth Scholar) reflect on their experiences for the 2016 Summer Institute. From the rigorous academics to the supportive staff and lifelong friends that were made, each student highlights how they worked hard yet played hard, which made their experience unique, helped them grow as individuals and made them proud to be a Du Bois student.

It’s cool how different our personalities are and that we can come under one roof and live together.
- Fellows Academy Pre-Scholar

Other students encouraged me to complete my work and cheered me on through rough times.
- Business & Management Academy Scholar

It was a really cool experience because the staff was very kind and helped along with college life.
- Jr. Achievers Academy Pre-Scholar

It’s really interesting and you can do work as well as have fun.
- Jr. Achievers Academy Pre-Scholar

I had a great time. I made wonderful friends and learned new things.
- Jr. Achievers Academy Pre-Scholar

I now more deeply understand the world around me, and I continue to plan on changing the world.
- Jr. Achievers Academy Pre-Scholar

This experience is always the highlight of my summer and all the staff and faculty are always supportive to help enhance this program.
- Fellows Academy Scholar

I love the program and the sense of welcomeness. I also appreciate the hard work.
- Fellows Academy Pre- Scholar

This has made me realize that I do have the opportunity to make change in my community.
- Management & Business Academy Scholar