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There are few fields more important to the future of society than STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—and few show as much promise for future career opportunities.

Introducing the Accelerated Learning Academy

Eighty percent of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. depend upon mastery of mathematics and scientific knowledge and skills. Hone these skills in our new Accelerated Learning Academy!

The WEB Du Bois Scholars Institute has created the Accelerated Learning Academy (ALA) to bring welcome and much-needed diversity to STEM studies and industries, especially for others who are underrepresented in these fields yet have a long history of achievement. The ALA provides an opportunity for high-achieving, forward-thinking 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders—students who will evolve into our next generation of engineers, software developers, mathematicians, architects, doctors and physicists—to explore STEM in new and exciting ways.

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Led by industry experts and renowned professors from major medical and research institutions, the program features three tracks: Medical Science, Biomedical Engineering and Technology, and Applied Mathematics.  Students participate in career development and academic enrichment activities through a series of weekend workshops held throughout the school year on Princeton University’s campus. They will explore STEM through both in-classroom and “real world” opportunities, including group activities, workshops, hands-on demonstrations and real-world applications.  Across our STEM curriculum, we focus on critical thinking and problem solving, skills that prepare students for life. Participating in this program will not only spark and further students’ interest in STEM careers but will also enhance their profiles and college applications.

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